Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging Again

I feel motivated to blog again. My daughter has done about everything short of killing herself lately, and has dragged my heart down with her. But I've healed up some, and feel motivated to write again. One can only stab at one's heart so many times until one gives up one's dreams and simply goes on.

So onward I go - with fewer daddy dreams intact, but onward I must go.

Also, I bought a nifty new phone, and have been lurking about certain websites learning about modifying my phone. I've done some rather interesting things to it so far. Nothing too crazy, or too dangerous as long as I follow directions. Not following directions could lead to turning a phone into an interesting paperweight.

I love my Voyager.

Anyway, I've got the phone moving in the right direction, and will continue modifying it as time permits, but I must blog - so here I am again.

Now, what to write about?

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