Saturday, July 26, 2008

JeromeProphet - 250,000 Hits And Counting!


A Quarter Of A Million Hits And Counting!

Of course some blogs get a quarter of a million hits in just a day - still I'm happy to have reached this mini-milestone.
I've seen a better daily hit count in the past, but it fluctuates over time so I'm not too concerned.
General rule of thumb - keep posting if you want a good hit count. Stop, or slow your postings, and for some reason your hit count goes down.
One last thing - it doesn't matter. I wish these hits were coming in from people reading what I had to say, but most are just searching for photographs.


Marie said...

Congratulations. Very impressive. I love seeing this stuff.

blevins said...

Great job JP.

Dave said...

Not bad. But consider this: People interested in what you are writing may have you set up on their RSS and that, as far as I know, doesn't show up on your hit count.

By the way, whenever I Google photos of anything having to do with Springfield (for my blog), your stuff is always right there. I'm always tempted to post one of yours and see if you notice.

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