Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama - It Started In Springfield, Illinois

It Started In Springfield

Barack Obama's presidential campaign is funded entirely by grassroots supporters like you. Senator Obama does not accept money from special interest groups and Washington lobbyists. As a result:

* Barack Obama owes nothing to the Health Insurance Industry
* Barack Obama owes nothing to the Oil Industry
* Barack Obama owes nothing to the Weapons Industry

Instead, Senator Obama truly represents the change we can believe in because his only obligation is to the best interests of the American people, made possible by individual supporters like you.

At the end of the video when Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama hug, if you look at the crowd behind the Obamas - that's where Dave of, and I were. Standing out in the crowd with the giant American flag behind us.

It was so cold that morning, but it was the most historic event I have ever participated in.

If you haven't donated to Senator Obama's presidential campaign visit his website, and donate five or ten dollars - or more if you can.

The Republican National Committee, and John McSame's campaign raised nearly $100 million dollars last month - and almost all of it from washington special interest lobbying firms and PACs.

If we want to liberate our government from the stranglehold of the special interest which have derailed universal health care, kept our nation embroiled in a trumped up never ending war in Iraq, prevented all efforts to promote what's best for the common American family - then it's now or never.

Obama's campaign is NOT taking PAC money, and it's not taking money from lobbyist.

It's your choice folks - be jaded, and sophisticated, be too wise to get suckered into supporting any politician - and don't donate.

Say to yourselves that it won't matter, or someone else can donate for you, and watch as this country continues down the same horrible path of war profiteering, of government by lies, of government run by the most corrupt.

If you want eight more years of WAR, if you want FIFTY MILLION WORKING AMERICANS to continue to have no medical insurance, If you want a government as corrupt as a McCain Administration will be - then simply do nothing - and you'll get your wish.

But if so, you'll have no credibility whatsoever when you complain - none.

But if you care about your country, about your future, about your family, then now is the time to donate to the Obama campaign.

Even a five dollar donation will allow you the bragging rights to having helped put the best candidate in office - someone who cares about you - instead of the millionaire's club that the Republican Party caters to.

It's time to take our government back - for the people - for the real Americans.

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