Sunday, August 31, 2008

CNN Calls Sarah Palin Maverick Pioneer

But I Thought McCain Was "Maverick"

CNN, ever concerned about bringing in additional oil and big pharma industry advertising has been spinning as best they can for their team - so much so that at times it gets a bit confusing

Can McCain and Palin Both Be Maverick?

We see in the screen capture above that CNN fails to indicate if their story title is a quote, an opinion piece, or simply a CNN pronouncement of a legal, or scientific fact. CNN, the advertising slut that it is, has continued its downward spin into the realm of such "news sources" as FOX, and the Globe. When it's not talking about politics it's filling its airtime with missing toddlers, and missing white women.

Why any real red state American simply knows that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is both a pioneer and a Maverick. It's even in children's books.

Every red state child knows the story of Sarah Palin. When she settled in Alaska she had to fight huge polar bears, and fly around in her helicopter using her machine gun to kill giant moose. She was a real pioneer, killing wild bears, and helping lumberjacks and oil company executives to build an oil and natural gas pipeline.

Oh yes, and she's a game changer. By the way, there's no identification at all in the article that the piece is quoting a source, or that it is a opinion piece. Therefore we must consider this article to simply be a statement of fact - without sources. CNN has endorsed the McCain Palin ticket! It's official!

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texannie said...

Sarah Palin gives birth to special needs infant then abandons it to ride bus with McCain. New heroine to far right! Can't wait to vote for this pro-life champion!

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