Saturday, August 02, 2008

Target Greatland Sign Springfield Illinois

Target Greatland Sign Springfield, Illinois

Sometimes commercial images, and commercial icons are truly beautiful. We live in a world that is increasingly based upon commerce, and commercial images surround us. An entire industry churns out commercial images, and icons to assist companies in their goal of making sales.

Growing up in free market society has obvious effects upon the psyche of all those living within it. From early childhood to death itself those living within commerce based societies are exposed to, and influenced by commercial art.

Many who consider themselves above, and beyond the influence of such art condemn it for being crass, and shallow, and these criticism are for the most part valid, however, on their own level commercial art is profound in the way it captures, or seeks to capture and then present what it is that people seek.

The Target Greatland sign is simple, and beautiful in its simplicity. That may be what the retail chain seeks to convey though their branding.

Looking out from a parking lot in Springfield, Illinois, one summer evening I saw a beautiful blue sky, and a beautifully colored, and designed sign, and I felt like I had to capture it in a photo.

The sign on the front of this store has since been changes, and thus this image is both art, and history.

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