Thursday, September 25, 2008

Republicans Are Destroying U.S. Economy

Conservative Philosophy Of Greed And Corruption Has Damaged U.S. Economy

And now they want another four years in power?

The sad, and utterly frightening fact is that nearly half the U.S. electorate is bending over and begging for more.

I honestly wish there were blue, and red states so that we could divide into two nations. One (Blue) a prosperous rationally ruled nation of equality, the other (Red) a bankrupt and corrupt nation ruled by a small powerful elite in which all the dumbass trailer trash who supported such shit live as white slaves.


Dave said...

Lincoln's greatest failure was winning the Civil War.

blevins said...

Throughtout high school and college, I always contended that the Civil War was an unnecessary war and we should of let the south go its own way.

The South had no major industries and its economy was largely based on cotton, tobacco and slave labor. With a nice little embargo enforced by our navy, we could have starved the Confederacy into submission. We could have moved slaves escaping from the south to our western territories and used Mexico as a nice pawn to destabilize the South and keep it busy.

Ah, what could have been...Imagine a world where all the bigots, white trash, conservative talk show hosts, etc., were all in another country.

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