Monday, November 17, 2008

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom

by Jerome Prophet

If I wrote a thousand pages and sealed them in a book
And if my predecessors cast my works as divinely took

Would you quiver as you read those thoughts believing every word
And would you revere it as old wisdom and act as if you've heard

Would you preach it every Sunday and whip your children well
Justified in every act and curse and sacred spell

Would you kill the children and women too if discovered unbelievers
And cast your sins off lightly as if you're God's chosen creatures

For if that could be possible I'd burn this very sentence
I'd cast away my thoughts no more for fear of your intentions

For the smattering of this consciousness I've claimed for my pitiful self
Could not bare responsibility for mankind's self made hell

And so I beg those so inclined - you takers of beliefs so blind
That faith has damned those adopting her and could every single time

Oh employ your goodly senses and cast doubts to shield yourselves
For it's your true and loyal protector and not Kings, or Gods, or Elves.
Photo: A photograph of Lizzie Borden which I modified digitally

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