Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Conservative Wonderland Gone Bust

Waiting For End Times In The Land Of Obama

One distraught conservative who seemed to be taking Obama's victory hard shared with me her desire for the world to come to an end via - The Rapture.

That's right, this rather sensitive woman, who I both like and respect a great deal is hoping for the end of the world now that Barack Obama has been elected as President.

I wanted to suggest that maybe in the meantime she could move to Idaho or Alaska, two states that are like Heaven right here on Earth, and are in the solid Red category, but I decided not to suggest that, as I fear she might take my advice - and friends aren't so easily replaced.

Waiting For The Great Depression With Determination

This afternoon I spoke with a real live conservative over some Fox News. He was sharing with me his concern that the economy was on the brink of collapse, but that he didn't feel that the Government should prevent it - for philosophical reasons.

Here he was explaining how he himself is on the brink of financial disaster and that the company he works for is just a shadow of what it was when he started with it years ago, yet he was committed to the idea that the entire U.S. economy should crash - based upon his conservative philosophical convictions.

I smiled, and listened, but I knew I was in the presence of a madman - yet, there are tens of millions of Republicans who are just like him in the U.S.

Thank god they lost the election.

This gentleman thought it was perfectly o.k. that the U.S. auto industry completely crash and burn, and be replaced by the Chinese auto industry, etc.

I thought this was ironic as we were at a local auto dealership at the time - watching Fox News, and sipping on complimentary drinks - with absolutely no one buying any cars.


ANNA-LYS said...

Congrats for Your new President!!!!

<3 <3 <3

JeromeProphet said...

Thank you Anna-Lys.

We are lucky indeed. President Elect Obama should make a fine president.

He seems to be very intelligent, calm under pressure, intellectually curious, concerned about the future, concerned about all Americans - not just the upper class, and concerned about environment.

He doesn't play the role of the fool, and I know he will pick highly qualified "good government" staffers who will help move our government in the right direction.

Think of Obama as the Anti-Bush.

I don't see Obama as a savior, or messiah, but I do see him as being light years ahead of our current president Bush.

As for how much Barack will be able to accomplish of what he has promised - with the economy the way it is - I just don't know, but at least I feel like I no longer have to feel ashamed that my nation's leader is a complete greed driven idiot like we have had for eight long nightmarish years.

How are things with you. I saw where another of your friends died of cancer.

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