Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Durbin Sheds Tears For Joe Lieberman

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Crys For Traitorous Senator Joe Lieberman

Hey Dick I want my ten dollars back!

Needless to say my recent emailed recommendation to my Senator, Dick Durbin, was given all the consideration it was due - none at all obviously.

Watch Joe The Traitor Lieberman In Action Attacking Barack Obama

At least that is what I thought as I watched the honorable Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois warmly bob his head in agreement as he stood behind the traitorous Senator Joe Lieberman during Tuesday's news conference announcing that Mr. Lieberman had not only been allowed to continue to caucus with Senate Democrats, but will keep his committee chairmanship over the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Watch As Dick Durbin Sheds A Tear For Joe Lieberman

It is simply unbelievable how Obama and crew has taken on a traitor within their midst just to reach the magical and illusory number sixty.

Now Joe Lieberman can issue subpoenas against the Obama administration in any witch hunt he desires to create from his Homeland Security Committee, and there's no way the Dems can remove him to stop him if the Republicans fillibuster - a fillibuster Liebermann would obviously snake in the grass style allow.

Watch As Senator Joe Lieberman Tongue Kisses With George W. Bush

My latest emailing to Senator Dick Durbin:

Senator Durbin,

In my recent email to you I had requested that you not welcome Senator Joe Lieberman back into the Senate Democratic Caucus, but it appears you have chosen to throw your support behind this most unwise course of action.

I have been a Democrat my entire life, and won't abandon the party, like some have, but unlike Joe Lieberman you will be punished for your decision - I had made a decision to start contributing to your campaign fund on a regular basis, but have decided not to do so.

I know I would have only been a small time donor, but the choices we make in life do ultimately have an effect.

I have also posted a blog piece critical of your support for Joe "The Traitor" Lieberman which you can find here:

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