Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandfather - The Sleeper Has Awakended

Awoke from a dream about my grandfather - well sort of.

In the dream I am visiting, or touring, my grandfather's home. There are many small rooms off to the side which are private rooms. Some hold mysteries, or perhaps ghost are lurking about.

I am warned, but I brazenly enter, and pass through each room.

I find a scrapbook, or perhaps it is a yearbook with photographs that have been placed between the pages.

I flip open the book, and find a photograph which includes a photo of some members of my family including myself. There is a loving inscription by my mother, which I had never seen before, and I am amused, and amazed.

I then step outside and look around the house. I decide that the house is "too close" to other homes in the neighborhood - that is, I wouldn't want to live there, as there is not enough privacy.

Yet the old home is large, and spacious, and I walk through it again on my way to the back yard.

I notice the fence in the backyard needs work. One of the neighbors has a small work area in his backyard and has trespassed onto my grandfather's backyard - I make a note that if I buy the home I will rebuild the fence and end the trespassing.

Although I do not really seriously plan to buy the home - for it is haunted.

I awaken, and hear myself saying - Grandfather, the sleeper has awakened - which is a line, slightly modified, from DUNE.

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