Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush - Just Go Away

One can only pray that Bush will be the worst president this nation has ever seen.

The clown king - el presidente - continues his pathetic attempt to leave office on good terms - just ain't gonna happen.

You realize dear readers that we can respect, and love the people of the United States and its institutions, while detesting George W. Bush?

It's possible, guilt free - I know - I and millions of other Americans have done it for years.

He meant well? Oh please he knew what he was doing, and he just didn't give a damn.

Enough said.

Just go away Bush.


NIC said...

I think he did a good job. After all 99% of the democrats voted for the war. It was Clinton who let BinLaden off the hook.

You can do a google search for many comments by Clinton, algore, Kennedy, Frank, Kerry, etc. etc etc. which stated the need for regime change in Iraq.

And you know damn well if Obama were in the Senate he would have voted for the war too.

I fault Bush for spending too much money. He wasnt conservative at all with 99% of his actions.

History will judge Bush and he will come out ahead of the likes of Carter and probably Obama too.

JeromeProphet said...

Bush is one of the most idiotic self interested crooks ever to have inhabited the White House since the beginning of the Republic.

His lies are pathologically self serving. History will view Bush in the worst possible way.

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