Sunday, January 25, 2009

Buying A Car Soon In Central Illinois

Been searching the Internet for interesting auto deals. Going to buy a used car to replace the Cavalier my daughter used to drive. A cab driver totaled this car right in our own driveway.

So now I'm spending hours reading about specific makes and models, and eventually will start taking some test drives.

One disturbing detail which I noticed while searching the inventory of used car lots is that in many of the photographs on these car dealer's websites the photos were taken when green leaves were still on the trees in the background.

Many of these cars are just not selling - especially the minivans - I wonder why?

Could it be the fear that gasoline prices will eventually head back up when the global recession begins to lift?

Or could it be the credit crunch?

Or both?

Probably both - which makes me nervous about buying another car.


Blevins said...

after the way your daughter treats you, if I were you I would buy her a bike with square wheels.

JeromeProphet said...

I'm trying to drag it out as long as possible.

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