Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist Obama Chimp Assassination Cartoon

I'll be happy when white people are a minority in the U.S. The world will be a better place then.

Ignorance, intolerance, and the downright evil pursuit of power has lead some to believe that race should be used as a weapon.

The White "Right" Wing in the U.S. has always relied upon such tactics. Race based attacks are just another arrow in the quiver.

The recent racist Obama-Chimp cartoon created, and published, by the New York Post is just another example of how low people will go to do whatever they feel must be done to hold onto power.

Let us all be warned that neither the U.S., nor the world, is past racism. As long as there are evil people willing to use race as a means to divide us, and as long as we let them, racism will be around to haunt us.

It wasn't too long before President Kennedy was assassinated that members of the right wing fringe were promoting assassination as a way to solve the Kennedy problem.

The right wing, far more than the left, has always felt that it was justified in killing whomever it wanted - justified in doing so by God.

If I were a cartoonist I'd sketch a cartoon reply showing a couple of firemen spraying a hose on the smoking embers of the New York Post headquarters.

The caption would read "Trash Heap of History".

Maybe I could get Chris Britt to draw it for me?


Anonymous said...

The stupid nigger deserves it.

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous commentator is doesnt dare pen his name to his racist remark.

Note that many recent air deaths of democratic politicians take place in airplanes, where foul play can be suspected...think Senator Wellstone...No republican has died this way.


JeromeProphet said...

Anonymous said... 3:22 AM:

You are a racist coward, and moron. I am deliberately leaving your comment because it exemplifies the level of stupidity that exist in our society today.

Having said that I'm confident that your time is rapidly coming to an end.


Anonymous said...

An idiot such as anonymous deserves no reply. People like this cower behind trees and throw stones but lacks the courage to stand behind the words that they speak. If we continue feed stray cats they only come back in bigger numbers. -VinceV.I.B.E.

Bill said...

I dont think the cartoon was racist at all. I think whites too came from chimps.

I think this cartoon was a play on what happened with Travis the Chimp in Ct.

AG Holder says that we are all cowards because no one wants to have an honest discussion about race. All you hear about is blame whitey. I am sick of it.

A black man got elected president. No more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that you would want to blow up the NY Posts Headquarters? Not very Christ like. But then, coming from an Obama supporter, I would not expect you to be Christ like.

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