Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rich People Can Afford Ideology

A simple fact: If I had a billion dollars all in $100 bills, and placed each bill in a mayonnaise jar, and then buried those jars about town - leaving it up to the people to find and unearth those jars - allowing all those money finders to spend their new found fortunes as they like - this would in fact create jobs, and would result in a multiplier effect in the billions of dollars of economic activity.

All this Republican nonsense about how horrible Barack Obama's stimulus plan is is simply class warfare. The rich want to see the middle class fall into poverty, and then they can rule over them. There's no doubt about that.

For the rich an economic downturn is simply a bargain basement sale in which the rich get richer, and the middle class sell their family's china.

The entire amount should be spent on infrastructure, and it should be spent as soon as possible.


Dave E said...

Come on JP, Hollywood needs the tax breaks and we need a heck of a lot more condoms out there.

Grampa Ken said...

It's difficult to see a reversal of the increasing greed in our society as it is driven by much power and money. It will require much discussion about business, government and education, amongst consumers, friends and family.

Perhaps the internet will rise to the occasion.

Anonymous said...

More proof of what a phony the Messiah is. Told us that we were on the brink of destruction, and then took a vacation after less than three weeks in office. Perhaps he is just taking some time to write his third autobiography?

He is not signing the bill until Tuesday. If it were really that important he should have signed it ASAP. Why the delay?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said what?

Hey Anonymous said!

Federal offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - so what's your point?

Ovelumi on the rocks.

Anonymous said...

So he is already on a vacation? I work on weekends, cant The Obama too?

TR said...

No but I do have a serious point.

Fact: Obama said many times that we need to hurry up and get this passed otherwise we will face a no turning back point. He was constantly putting pressure on Congress the past couple of weeks to pass this bill.

Fact: Very few if any members of Congress had time to read the bill. The pressure to get this thing passed by Obama was just too overbearing.

Fact: Bill is passed and Obama waits to sign it? Why?

Now I agree whether it gets signed on a Friday night or a Tuesday probably doesnt matter. But it was The Obama who was scaring people and telling us how time sensitive this bill was.

It makes you wonder if Obama was pressuring people to pass it before the American people had a chance to really find out what was in it. We already know that there is $30million to save Nancy Pelosi's pet mouse. How much other waste is in it?

Frankly, I hope he never signs the bill it is flawed. True that Bush's spending in Iraq got us into this mess, but how does spending more money get us out of it? It simply doesnt make sense. I mean wasnt the money being spent on the military providing jobs to war contractors and the military complex? Those companies provide jobs and pay taxes.

Bottom line is I think Obama was being disingenuous when he forced this bill down the throats of the American people and didnt give our representatives adequate time to review and more importantly debate it.

JeromeProphet said...

Well let's see. To the Republicans the perfect bill would be a massive tax cut for the rich, along with soaring deficits. Hmmm.., but that kind of approach got us into the problem in the first place.

I'd say Obama's biggest mistake was approaching the Republicans in the first place. He should have stated, this is the dawn of a new era, and passed the bill without any input from the Republicans at all - except for those moderate Republicans willing to work with the him.

And as far as Republicans in his cabinet - totally unnecessary.

I believe he has learned that lesson now - took him three weeks into his administration, but we shouldn't be seeing that kind of mistake again.

I'd also recommend that he fire whoever is in charge of vetting his cabinet choices.

Obama has focused more on the economy since the day after election than any other President in modern times. I have the good fortune of working a "California Shift", and so I get the opportunity to watch his, and his administration's nearly daily press conferences focusing mainly on the economy.

Three weeks in, and I'm entirely confident that we picked the right man for the job.

As far as the bill is concerned, I'm not too concerned about the imperfections. The Republicans didn't choose not to vote for it because it was an imperfect bill, they chose not to support the bill because they are hoping, and praying that the U.S. economy is so damaged (by their actions and lack of action) that the bill will fail to keep the U.S. from falling into a devastating collapse.

The Republicans fate lay in the balance: If the spending bill fails to prevent the disaster headed our way, then they can say, "Hey, look what he did to our economy - and hope and pray enough nitwits believe it.

Thing is, Obama and the Dems will keep addressing the economy, and I believe it will improve, and I believe the opposition of the Republicans will hurt them greatly.

Just a prediction.

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