Friday, March 13, 2009

Beautiful Macaws Thank You For Visiting

Near Springfield Illinois - A Couple For Life, These Two Macaws Need To Fly South

I can't really tell you exactly where I took the photograph I share with you here on my blog tonight for that's a secret, but I can say that I have appreciated greatly the opportunity to come so close to two such magnificent creatures. With freezing cold temperatures solidly upon us here in Central Illinois it is quite rare for large tropical birds to be fluttering about.

With temperatures in the 30s I want so badly to be able to "capture" these two Macaws, and turn them over to an organization that can locate them in a warm and hospitable place.

And while my heart soars to have come within feet of these beautiful tropical birds, birds which live up to 75 years, and are as intelligent as four year old children, I can also say that my heart breaks for them too.

I tried feeding them, but they're not so interested - in our hamster's food. They just seem to like the darkness, and the quiet of their undisclosed location.

I talked to them. I told them that they need to fly south to the son of their now deceased owner.

They are such a close couple, and they made some trilling sounds as I spoke.

And so beautiful too.

To my regular readers, please no guesses where these birds are. There are many bad people in this world, and we need to protect these incredible creatures - and hope, and pray that some organization raises the money to have them captured, and sent far far south of this frozen Midwestern town.

3 comments: said...

More info on the Macaws. Neighbor said she saw them in her backyard the other day.

JeromeProphet said...


Thanks for the comment. I'd say more, but as there are insane people trying to capture these birds for profit it is best that I not.

Let's just say they that seem to have had enough of human beings chasing them for now, but at the same time they are not wildly afraid of human beings.

In this sense they know that some people are morons with bad intentions (scary) while others behave in a more tolerable manner.

If they keep perching about I plan to buy some parrot food for them.

This horrible winter weather can't last much longer - only a matter of weeks now, and they should have their energy back then.

I can see where they could actually adopt the Springfield area, but the truth is it only takes one scum bag with a gun to end these beautiful creature's lives.

So I'm hoping someone with the right kind of heart, and abilities, captures these birds - not for the money, but to relocate them to Florida, or California. said...

Same scum or morons live in Florida or California too.

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