Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blocal Logosphere Political Correctosphere Mediocrosphere

Blocal Logosphere Political Correctosphere Mediocrosphere

Hey everybody!

Let's say we invent this whole new way of expressing ourselves.

And then gang up on people for not following the same old rules that always kept people in line in the past!

You know what?

We already have.


ANNA-LYS said...

You think so?
Can You develop
Your thinking line ???

JeromeProphet said...


Actually it's the combination of rude comments, followed swiftly by ostracism that seem to be the signatures of intolerance on the local level.

Not everyone who feels a "need" to write, and post what they write on their own blogs are tolerant readers of other people's blogs.

Since I often post my thoughts without a great deal of hesitation I know that I'm likely to offend someone - but that's the risk all of us run when we write, but what I've found so disquieting is the lack of vision readers bring.

Blog post are thoughts. Everyone has thoughts, and in the past most people just never got around to sharing their thoughts. And I suspect this insularity brought with it the notion that the written version of thoughts should be edited in such a way so as not to risk ever offending anyone.

But why bother writing at all if everything you write simply reflects fear.

I am a racist. I am a bigot. I am a classist. I am a sexist. I am an agist. I am ethnocentric. I am all of those things, whether I want to be or not. I am a mixed bag of good and bad, of conservative and liberal.

Many of the thoughts I express now conflict with opinions I have expressed in the past, or may express in the future.

My opinions have changed, and will change in the future. I am complex, and dynamic.

So here I am full of complexity, and I'm not perfect, never have been perfect, never will be perfect, and the thoughts I express now a different than those I expressed in the past, and I may change so that my thoughts in the future may disagree with what I'm writing right now.

So by being intolerant of me now for simply for expressing my thoughts for fear that my thoughts could offend someone - well I find such intolerance, and such a small view of my existence, and of human existence itself totally under appreciative of the human experience - and totally oppressive to freedom, and contrary to growth through free expression of thought.

It's why political correctness is a form of the very thing it seeks to stamp out - oppression.

I see this coming from college educated people, and I shudder. Our academic institutions have failed us here in the U.S. There are many good schools in the U.S., but sadly many colleges are in fact little more than paper mills, handing out diplomas. There seems to be fewer, and fewer universities and colleges which teach their students the importance of tolerance, of developing their own ideas, and of the importance of debate.

It's kind of sad, seeing right here in the blogosphere.

Dick from the 13th hour said...

Yes, some people like to come off as tolerant, as long as you agree with their idea or their presidents..

Allie said...

If you value what you say, write, think, and feel so much, the consequences should not matter. Do you write for yourself, or to be heard? Does it matter if no one listens?

It's always everyone else at fault, and never you.

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