Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead

Michael Jackson Is Dead

You know I never thought I'd be blogging about the death of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson seems so unreal to me that it is hard to believe that he could die.

Michael Jackson The Performer

In Michael Jackson's defense he was an incredible performer. From his singing, to his dancing, to his creation of a bigger than life persona, he just never failed to thrill.

His hit songs defined the sound of popular music for years, and he provided tabloids, and comedians with a vast amount of material to sell to a curious public.

He managed to make some incredible music videos which seem more like short films, and he was able to perform at the highest levels of perfection in front of audiences of tens of thousands.

Yet, having said all these positive things about Michael Jackson I must also say that he was an odd man. I don't mean that in a bad way. We common folk need our bigger than life performers to be able to rise above mediocrity - we need them to be able to say - what we can not. Yet Michael was odd in several disturbing ways that slowly eroded whatever chance he had to be revered by the mass public.

Michael Jackson The Child Molesting Freak

The oddest thing about Michael Jackson was his pederasty. He admitted to sleeping with boys, and he paid many of their families off to keep them from sending him to jail for molesting their children.

Michael Jackson never wanted to grow up, and unlike most people he had the means to avoid doing so.

One of those means was surgery. Not only did Michael Jackson die his skin white, but he also spent his life pursuing, through plastic surgery, a form of physical beauty. One could never predict exactly how Michael Jackson would look.

Michael Jackson The Mortal

And now he is dead. As I watch the television coverage on CNN I hear speculation that he died of a heart attack brought about by an overdose of prescription medication. If this is true it seems only fitting. He was a very lonely, and unhappy man who feared growing up, and growing old, more than he feared death.

Still, I feel a bit awkward watching how another unhappy star has either deliberately, or accidentally ended their own life. I keep thinking of what I would have done with all the money Mr. Jackson is said to have wasted. And now, like the money, fame, and admiration, which he burned through Michael burned through life.

One observation I wanted to include in this post is that I turned on my radio, not satellite radio, and I listened to the broadcast of dozens of stations looking for one which might be playing Michael Jackson songs as a tribute, and I found not one - not one station playing his songs on air.
What appeared to us in the beginning as a rising star long ago burnt out, and only the charred remains exist now for our fascination.

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