Friday, August 28, 2009

A Breeze and a Butterfly

A Breeze and a Butterfly
by JeromeProphet

The rhymes have escaped
The words have run away
These feelings persist
And I've got something to say

Within my heart this truth
I can no longer hide
The answers to the questions
I dare not ask why

Like why I love her madly so.
And why I still insist
This love of ours in flames a glow
Is worth everything we risk

My love you read my words now
You know our love is true
Our careless love knows no Hows
One day you'll say 'I do'

Our pain will be over then
Vanquished with our sin
We rushed where Angels feared to tread
Yet our love's not crushed by them

And now we're tangled you and I
We're lovers like the moon and sky
You and I were meant to be
It's undeniable to see

The secret truth of our love
Is not held in the heart of a dove
No what we are is far from that
Perhaps the Cheshire cat

For we are to each other
Something we can get from no others
We are like a breeze and a butterfly
Flying fragile and fierce into the high


ANNA-LYS said...

Breathtaking beauty behind every sentence, and yes, also in between
never seen such love on a screen

(( hugs ))

greeneyez said...

Share your inspiration?

JeromeProphet said...


I wonder who :)


email jp






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