Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silenced Love Intrusion

Silenced Love Intrusion
by JeromeProphet

Our love is an illusion
My fault
My pained confusion

One heart that beats
Not two
A broken heart so blue

Your silence an intrusion
Upon my self delusion
It speaks as loud as thunder
Pushing my soul dark under

And whom is there to blame
Can anyone be shamed
For what they fail to do
For not feeling 'I love you'

For it's my thoughts and feelings
That has sent my life reeling
And not your heart so bare
of love for me or care

So what should I now do
Make die this love for you
Or let it wither in silence
buried in unsung violence

And what of memories we made
The future plans we laid
Of soft kisses on golden days
Of the children we would raise

Are those thoughts now unmade
Or living in another way
In some distant place and time
A place we still could find

I'm hoping you hear it too
The song that led me to you
It's sung each and every day
God blessed in every way

And if ever you understand
We'll reach that promised land
And join our souls with love
Eternal, infinite, and one.


taylorsgirl said...

Your poetry is so beautiful...all this can it be? I can't comprehend it all..your soul is bared on these pages- so bright and so lovely it makes my heart ache.

JeromeProphet said...

You are such a sweetheart. I love you so.

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