Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Truth Brighter Than The Sun

A Truth Brighter Than The Sun
by JeromeProphet

Now do you see it clearly
It's burning brighter than the sun
A truth which shines so dearly
That you're my beloved one
Can you hear my heart beating
Shouting my love so clear
Let it guide you - you're perfection
My sweetest darling dear
God's made the key before us
And you must unlock the door
To this self imposed prison
So what are you waiting for
Now put your hand in my hand
We'll fly from this troubled land
Make a new life together
Live the dreams we've planned

You're no sinner nor whore my love
His words are only more abuse
To tear you up like your baby's doll
Just more of his lies to confuse
One day you'll see it clearly
It is time this race is run
The path to our happy future
Has nearly begun
We can share this journey together
If you wish my most loved sacred one
And I'll honor you forever
Until the day my life is done

I'll respect your new won freedom
And I'll cherish it as well
You are no possession or belonging
To be trapped in yet another man's hell

Just take that first step my BFF
And meet me just half way
Then we'll greet the peace and happiness 
That awaits us in coming days

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