Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To My Father's Father's Father

To My Father and Father's Father
by JeromeProphet
Blinded by your situation
You coldly crafted intimidation
You wielded anger with such ease
And lashed your hate with expertise
Yet when you peered into your mirror
It was your father's face you feared
Your voice did shake as he appeared within that
trembling face unclear

You heard him in your own voice told
No matter whether young or old
For his anger placed within your soul
To terrorize your heart so cold

I warn you brother don't forget his days
For those torments reside within the haze
And if you deny his uncaring ways
His anger will rise within your blaze
So know him now and forever more
He was your father once adored
It's only through your knowledge well
That you'll escape his given hell 
For I have seen him times before
I've battled him from soul to fore
I've refused him guidance of my path
And challenge him his angry wrath
Yet I have forgiven the two
For what else could I do
But forgotten them not
For I still wage war against their lot
Though not with hate filled blood
Of you my father or fatherhood
For instead I have understood
Guided by my Mother's love

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