Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Beam Me Up Jimmy!

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It seems strange that Scotty has died.

Sure, I mean James Doohan the television, and movie, actor who died yesterday at age eighty five of complications due to

But Mr. Doohan will forever be, in my mind, and in the minds of millions of fans, the ever resourceful Scotty of the USS Enterprise.

As a small boy I remember watching Star Trek, and it seemed to me then that it was simply the best show on television.

The characters managed somehow to survive the most incredible adventures - filled with excitement, and danger.

Nearly every episode was action packed, and our heros managed somehow to pull it off - escaping death, and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Now there was a crew that Captain Kirk could always depend upon.

Scotty, was the engineer, who somehow always managed to save the day - and just in the nick of time.

He was quite simply "the miracle worker".

The whole crew owed Mr. Scott their very lives.

He was a real hero, but despite his heroic accomplishments he quietly stood behind others who basked in the limelight - and he never complained.

Scotty would have appreciated Mr. Doohan's adventure on the beaches of Normandy where Jimmy Doohan was shot eight times.

Jimmy was a hero.

Like the crew of Star Trek, those who fought the Nazi's saved the planet.

Yet one more representative of the "Greatest Generation" has stepped out of our immediate reach.

My brother once met Mr. Doohan, and he was generous with his fame - always willing to share the moment. I never had the pleasure, but as a fan I'll always have my admiration for Mr. Doohan.

The photo of Scotty above seems in contrast to the photo below, of Jimmy Doohan. But it's not a stark contrast, for there's more similarities than meets the eye.

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Jimmy, you'll be missed, but not forgotten.

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