Saturday, July 02, 2005

Blessed Sacrament School's Class of 2005

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As an alumni of Blessed Sacrament School (K-8), I am pleased to post this link to the school's official website.

Here's also a link to the Parish's Website.

Blessed Sacrament is located at 748 W. Laurel, in Springfield, IL.

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Check these photos out on 2005's BSS graduates!

It's easy to see how the parochial school acts as an anchor which links the family to the Church. It's also apparent that the Church, and parochial school, links families to other families in the parish community. Harder to see, but perhaps most important, is the role that the Church plays in linking one generation to the one before it. The passing down of moral values, and ancient wisdom, is a task forbidden in the secular public school system. This mission remains the responsibility of the parent, the Church, and parochial school.

The continuity, and certainty, which the Church provides in this world of confusion is priceless. The effect such an institution has upon the family acts to bind the family together even in the worst of times.

While I don't always find myself in agreement with the dogmatism of the Church, I do believe that for the most part the Church has played a postive role in my life as a child, and now as a parent.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

You've echoed my sentiments on this issue with your post. I too strayed from Catholicism and still have very serious doubts about some of the most basic teaching, but my kids will be attending Catholic school for many of the same reasons that you spelled out.

Dave said...

Ah, yes the 8th grade graduation photo. You and I graduated from BSS in 1974. We had a photo too. But someone (you) didn't make it to school that day. I was pretty pissed at you since literally everyone else in our class is in that picture. Good thing I got over it.

JeromeProphet said...
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JeromeProphet said...



I felt this was the appropriate response on Independence Day Weekend.

Quotes from the movie Independence Day:

Will Smith (Steven): Oops.
Jeff Goldblum (David): W-what do you mean, oops?
Will Smith (Steven): Some jerk put this...
Jeff Goldblum (David): Don't say "oops".
Will Smith (Steven): What do you say we try that again?
Jeff Goldblum (David): Yes, yes. Yes. Without the "oops". Thataway.

End Quotes.

Actually Dave, it made the whole experience of my own child's graduation event, this year, all the more important for me. Living Vicariously I guess.

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