Saturday, July 02, 2005

Denny's Waitress A Hero!

I sent this email via the Denny's Corporate Website:

Dear President, and CEO, of Denny's,

Your waitress, Amber Deahn, is a hero! Can you think of any other word to describe her? Wow! She makes Denny's look soooooh good of a place to take the family.

I learned during an interview on CNN that Ms. Deahn has a fifteen month old baby. I just bet she could use a raise in pay!

Her quick thinking, and decisive action, shows she's just the type of employee any company would love to have working for them.

I recommend that you increase her salary, bring her into your Home Office, and possibly give her a chance to speak before your company. It would inspire your whole company!

In fact you could take this opportunity to emphasize that Denny's is a "Kid's Safe Place", and show how Denny's reaches out to the community.

Perhaps Ms. Deahn could play a role in that community outreach - as a speaker?

Just look at the following article (edited) taken from CNN! Simply incredible!


Several people who were inside the Denny's restaurant said they immediately recognized the girl, whose picture has been widely circulated in the media, and called authorities.

One witness said the young girl was relaxed, coloring and drinking a soda, before police arrived and detained the man.

Wolfinger said Coeur d'Alene police received a call from a waitress at the restaurant at about 2 a.m. The waitress, Amber Deahn, said she made every effort to keep the girl in the restaurant before police arrived.

"I made sure to make a large shake instead of a child's shake," Deahn said. "We wanted to make sure to take just long enough to where if it turned out to be nothing we could say, 'Hey our shake machine's running a little slow.' "

"We didn't want to cause any suspicion."

One of the cooks said he blocked the restaurant's back entrance in case the man tried to make a getaway.

Coeur d'Alene police detained Duncan at the restaurant until Kootenai County deputies arrived to arrest him.

Deahn said she comforted the girl who burst into tears after police took the man away.

"I would really hope that if my children, God forbid, ever went missing somebody would do the same," Deahn said.

End of CNN Article.

I'm posting a copy of this emailing to you on my weblog (blog). You may find it at:

Most sincerely,

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