Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chute & Ladder @ St. John's

For the last several months a chute, and "ladder" have been attached to the south face of the main building of St. John's Hospital in downtown Springfield. Construction on the top floors of St. John's has been taking place, and huge amounts of materials are being dropped down the black tube shaped chute, while construction materials are winched up the "ladder".

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As materials are dropped down the chute they gain velocity and make a very high pitched sound similar to a jet engine taking off. One can only hope that the rooms which have windows covered by the chute are being kept vacant. I'd have a heart attack just listening to all that racket!

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This last shot is of the gated area at the bottom of the chute, where a half dozen or so workers are busy hauling away refuse, and sending up more materials for workers above.

St. John's is an ugly building, it seems so monolithic, I tried to bring out some of it's orwellian stark beauty - employing various digital filters.

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CaptainPlaceholder said...

I work in the Pavilion. I often gaze i n awe as the junk noisily tumbles down the chute. I often wonder what it is. Is it Drywall? Bowling balls? Medical waste?

The world may never know.

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