Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lincoln Home Boardwalk Repair

Walking through the 19th Century, I was treated with a bit of history.
Workers were pulling up the wooden planks of the boardwalk in the Lincoln Home Historic Area in Springfield, Illinois.

The Lincoln Home attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. While true that the boardwalk was not present when Abraham Lincoln resided here, I suspect he would have approved. Foot travel must have been difficult in those days. Imagine the mud covered streets on a rainy day, especially with horse drawn carriages cutting deep trenches into the soft rain soaked soil.

I snapped some photographs below.

A carpenter is preparing planks on her workbench.

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Revealed is a modern tangle of electric lines, telephone lines, cable television lines, and power lines which run under the boardwalk.

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I like this photo best. The planks used are not brand new. They already have a "historic" look even before they are installed - good touch.

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