Friday, August 05, 2005

Not Possible! No Way!

The ruling elite needed to create a feeling of panic in the masses so they allowed "911" to take place.

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I keep hearing about this conspiracy scenario in which the ruling elite tacitly approved of an attack upon the "homeland" in order to create fear in the general population. The conspiracy theorist argue that the attack on the Twin Towers enabled the GOP to shift the U.S. back onto a wartime economy.

These conspiracy junkies have implied that this shift in focus hasn't secured the nation, nor was that ever the concern. That the real objective was to enable the floating of hundreds of billions of dollars to the defense sector. This money being stolen from our children and grandchildren in irresponsible, corrupt, no bid deficit spending. They believe that this wreckless project was undertaken not to save the nation from islamo-facist, but to slush money into the coffers of the GOPs biggest campaign contributers.

They're convinced that the war in Iraq is a massive fraud perpetuated upon the american people in order to steal its treasure in war profiteering schemes carried out by well connected power elites within the political, military, and industrial sector.

They believe that Bush is an instrument of these special interest, and that he doesn't have the best interest of americans, or America at heart - unless they are the rich, well connected americans Bush has admitted are his real constituency. That he is a deviously evil, and morally foolish man, a man who was instrumental in tricking a psychologically vunerable America into a war that has cost nearly two thousand american lives.

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These conspiracy types repeatedly point out that there never were any weapons of mass destruction, nor was there ever a link between Iraq, and the events of 9/11.

They present the case that there exist documentary evidence which proves that the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq BEFORE the attack on the Twin Towers.

They continually exclaim that significant, and documentary evidence indicates that intelligence was being "doctored". That CIA analyst were being intimidated by crooked sleezy politicians (Dick Cheney, and his minions who stand to make millions of dollars from their actions). That these cronies lurked around the halls of the CIA (unheard of in previous administrations) in a direct effort to manipulate the analysis process, and to help in the fabrication of lies.

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Image: "Evil" Dick Cheney

These skeptics further suggest that this trumped up evidence was fed to the media, congress, the american people, America's allies, the United Nations, and the peoples of the world - all to justify invading Iraq on false premises.

They say it has to do with oil. Their accusations include that the President, Vice President, their friends, and families will stand to make hundreds of millions of war profit off of the war, a war which they personally started. They even recall how the Bush family has repeatedly profitted from wars in the past, and even aided, and assisted the enemy in times of war.

They cry out where is the head of the man who organized, financed, and ordered the attack upon our nation? Why wasn't he captured? Why does our "friend" Pakistan allow him safe harbor? They suggest that the only reason why the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world, hasn't captured Osama Bin Laden is that he is being retained as a modern day Bogey Man - one which chimed right at the moment needed - to help Bush win reelection.

These slanders argue that this growing list of corrupt , and unjustified actions has caused increased disaffection, and even hatred among hundreds of millions of peoples around the world - even in nations which had been friendly, and sympathetic to America before the invasion of Iraq. They believe this will only lead to increased terrorist attacks upon americans, and America in the future.

They predict that all of the money spent in Iraq will have been wasted, and that if we ever leave Iraq that it will fall into civil war, and that whatever government, or governments which will remain after that civil war will most certainly become hostile to the U.S.

They ask, How many more american soldiers will die not simply for a lost cause, but for a false cause? They point out that not one son, or daughter of a U.S. Representative, Senator, or ranking member of the Bush Executive Office is serving in combat. They're asking why president Bush's daughters haven't enlisted?

They wonder why if the Bush administration was concerned about terrorism that it would have spent so much time, and money on Iraq, instead of building up our security here at home.

They say that they don't feel any safer since the day after 9/11, and wonder if HomeLand Security money is somehow being allocated properly, or if it too is being slushed around for political purposes.

I just don't get it!

How can people let these kind of thoughts in their head? Don't they know there's a war on? A never ending war on terror!

Don't they know that asking these types of questions could be construed as an act of treason? Don't they fear that they could be monitored, rounded up, secretly detained, never given a trail, and even have their citizenship taken from them? Is that what they want?

Soon, very soon, these types will be taken care of, mark my words. Then we'll see just how long these liberals who control the media in America, and who infectiously spread their subversive thoughts to our war-children, our future soldiers - we'll see how these traitors, these rebel scum like it when they feel the full wrath of the dark side!

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azravenwood said...

It is quite frustrating to see the ignorance of people who want to stay with their right-winged Christian constituents and therefore do not challenge anything said by the guy on "their side." This new economy bill - where is the truth behind its reasoning? Those who have more time to do research than I have proven that there are other alternatives and certainly energy companies do not need to be compensated. The 'good ole' boy system is still in place and even though it may not benefit the small working guy, because he is so tied to the identity of also being a good ole' boy he will support it. Everything seems to be lost to reason and has become about us against them.

Anyway, I put a link on my website to yours - us Jeromians must stick together in this us against them battle.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for that.

It is now almost a year since you wrote this piece, and a year and a half remain in Bush's term. Efforts by the new and barely Democratic Congress to investigate [i]any[/i] activity at the White House have been answered with the Royal "NO". Ex-Bushies are confessing (sort of), most recently Colin Powell. We once thought he was statesmanlike, turns out he was anything but that.
But the arrogance Bush and the handful who support has not yet been met with the kind of response which has any hope of success.

"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." ~ Declaration of Independence

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