Monday, August 22, 2005

Stuffing The Cybervoid

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Digital space is meant to be filled as much as an empty closet.

Here on my blog I can express myself in a variety of ways by creating, and filling that cybervoid.

Some might argue that the Internet is already cluttered enough. That it's unrealistic to believe that anything any of us post will matter.

Perhaps so, then again maybe not. Perhaps it is true that we have not only the opportunity, but also the responsibility to fill up this cybervoid with as many good things as possible.

It certainly is better to believe that this has a purpose. Some grand reason behind it all, but I suspect that ultimately it comes down to this.

Boredom, and the creative spark have a place to meet in the cyberworld - blogs.

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Marie said...

JP, your mastery of words and photography are enviable. I worry that some big city publisher will get ahold of you and you won't be long for this dust forsaken little town. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your talents with the likes of us.

P.S. Randy Lilleston left a thank you note for you on my blog.

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