Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You're Living In Your Own Private Fantasy!

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Photo: Teamsters Support Our Troops - 2005 Illinois State Fair

This week President Bush has taken to flight on his "Support the Iraqi Occupation Tour". As public support for the Iraqi occupation has dwindled to just one third of those polled it appears the gig is up.

Americans are increasingly asking themselves why? Why did we go to war with Iraq exactly? Most of those still supporting President Bush's Quagmire need to review how it came to be that our troops ended up in Iraq in the first place.

Many of those who still support President Bush on this issue may never want to admit that cold hard evidence exist that the American people were lied to in order to muster their support for invading Iraq. They may not ever want to know the truth, even if Americans are dying because of those lies.

Don't they care - being fiscal conservatives - that the nation is spending nearly two hundred million dollars a day in deficit spending on this farce - bankrupting the nation's future while those close to the President war profiteer.

My President must always be right no matter how many young men, and women must die! Long forgotten are the days of budget surpluses, peace, and prosperity.

Now as the President flys off into his own private Idaho seeking reassurance that he still has support of the common man, he pins his faith on the publicity he gets from his "Support the Iraqi Occupation Tour". In his first visit to the state of Idaho organizers of his publlicity tour made sure to surround the President with supporters, careful to keep war protestors far from the event.

Time will tell, but I suspect the President's approval rating will not realize the bounce he seeks, even if he can get a dozen more mothers of boys that haven't been killed in Iraq to stand on stage with him.

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Anonymous said...

Humm I’m wondering if the gig is up for all of those democrats that stood up I.e. Senator Hilary Clinton, and agreed with President Bush and voted to go into Iraq
It’s always a bummer when one’s ideology doesn’t fit the Facts we just choose to ignore

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