Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Zen of ALPLM

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Find a quiet place.

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Clear your mind of distractions.

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Breath deep.

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This building was meant to be photographed. I love the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. It's a balanced mix of 21st century minimalism, and classic greek style. The Eygptian limestone gives the building a luxurious, and ancient look reminiscent of the temple of luxor itself.

This complex is truly the most beautiful set of modern buildings in Springfield, Illinois, and probably in all of downstate Illinois. It rivals the old state capitol just one block south, and the Horace Mann Insurance Companies home office just one block east for projection of aesthetic purpose through architecture.

Buildings like this don't just take up the space where they rest upon their foundations, they project outward to the area around them, and into the community beyond by making a simple, quiet, yet powerful statement about society, the mind of man, and the ability of human beings to shape the world about them. It's definately a zen experience pondering upon all this building's curves, and edges.

I post four photographs of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum to meditate upon. All were taken August 18th, 2005.

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