Thursday, September 15, 2005

St. John's Medical Waste Incinerator - Post II

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Photo: FlagStack - St. John's Hospital Incinerator - Springfield, IL 09.12.05

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Photo: FlowerStack - Landscaping Overcome by St. John's Incinerator 09.12.05

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Photo: St. John's Hospital Medical Waste Incinerator - Springfield, IL 09.12.05

Saint John's Incinerator Stack - Reminder of Springfield, Illinois' Ugly Past

As development along ninth, and eleventh streets slowly redefines the look of Springfield, Illinois' near east side, remanents of Springfield's less beautiful past loom overhead. The city of Springfield needs to sort out exactly what type of city it wants to be. While Saint John's Hospital employs thousands of local residents, there is no danger that it could relocate if the City forced the Hospital to move its incinerator.

When will Springfield's political players get the nerve to tell Saint John's it's time? Perhaps when enough development along nineth, and eleventh streets forces a change in perception among city leaders? When the perception is that downtown Springfield would be a truly beautiful place if it wasn't for Saint John's ugly incinerator it will be time for it to go.

That day may never come, but I feel it is only a matter of time. In fact I feel that by forcing the relocation now, this part of downtown, and all of downtown Springfield can only gain.

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See that little white cloud above the incinerator stack in the third photograph?
Do you have any idea where that smoke came from? Someone's amputated leg perhaps? They say it's safe? It needs to come down.

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La Lubu said...'s so close to the crematorium over on Sixth, between Miller and Carpenter! Kinda fits in with the whole "burning corpses" motif, no?


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