Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yeah, We Cool!

This Saturday Springfield's South East Spartans were defeated by the Lanphier Lions 19-6. The Band, Poms Squad, and Cheerleaders put on quite a performance. The Spartans despite the lopsided score put on a good defense in the second half of the game.

On September 3rd, the afternoon of the game, there wasn't a cloud in the sky - no kidding - not one single cloud!

Just before the game, as the team was walking to the field, I overheard on member of the team say to another, "Yeah, We Cool". Now there's the spirit! Keeping cool in the intense heat would have been quite a feat for anyone that afternoon, especially team members in those helmets, and uniforms!

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Photo: Team takes to field 09/03/05 - Low Fiving - Yeah, We Cool!

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Photo: Cheerleader Sailing!

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Photo: Band in Stand

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Photo: Lanphier's Offensive Team Dominated the First Half.

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Infidel said...

Nice high school football pics!

It must be nice to live in one's hometown. After having lived in NYC, NJ, Tokyo, LA, and now San Jose, I've resigned myself to a certain rootless feeling.

On a separate note, is there any way I could link to your blog page with the WWII poster you mentioned having?


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