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The Hoogland Rock

MidStates Alliance and Supply

The Hoogland's family owned business originally named Midstates Alliance and Supply company was located at 1022 E. Adams - on the corner of Eleventh and Adams in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

An Industry Begins

The year was 1978, the Hoogland's supply company was greatly overstocked (actually "stuck") with a large number of videos in their inventory. Mr. Hoogland decided upon a novel solution - rent the videos out!

The idea of renting movies to the public was essentially unheard of at that time, but as we all know now it was a great idea. Family Video became one of the first video rental stores in the nation. Over the last three decades Family Video has grown rapidly, and now includes over two hundred stores located throughout the Midwest.

Charles Hoogland, wife Kathleen, and sons Keith and Eric manage the family's steadily growing business. Mr. Hoogland has stated publically that he believes that the video rental industry will continue to expand through the end of this decade. Much of Mr. Hoogland's long term plan for Family Video depends upon real estate acquisition.

Family Video's Future

Family Video carefully chooses each location with the post video rental era in mind. Each Family Video store is specifically designed to be able to accomodate several businesses which work together to draw business to the location. For example Family Video will rent space to a pizza shop, ice cream shop, etc., which then draws customers to their video, and game rental stores. Ultimately, when the video rental industry declines Family Video plans to be a major commercial landlord.

The original store remains in use as a video duplication facility, and manufactures shelving, and other materials for Family Video locations throughout the Midwest. The Shop is in fact the single largest consumer of wood products in Springfield, Illinois.

Business operations are now conducted out of Chicago, Illinois.

The Photographs

The photographs which I took for this post include what I refer to as, The Hoogland Rock, The Hoogland Shop Sign, and The Hoogland Dollar.

After photographing
The Hoogland Rock I realized that the Hoogland family, as founders of a multi-billion dollar industry, which changed the way people think of entertainment, deserve a better memorial.

Perhaps one day in the past Charles Hoogland stepped out of his car, looked upon that rock, and wondered if it would be the only tangible, long lasting memorial to his incredible accomplishments?

Perhaps this rock was the impetus, the spark, that led to the start the Hoogland Family Foundation? A foundation which has done so many wonderful things for Springfield, Illinois (i.e., Hoogland Center for the Arts, and UIS Fitness Center).

If so, this rock deserves a place of honor in Springfield's history.

I've been sworn to secrecy about the exact location of the poster sized Hoogland Dollar, but let's just say it's safely posted on a wall somewhere in downtown Springfield, Illinois - say no more.

Image hosted by
Photo: The Hoogland Shop Sign

Image hosted by
Photo: The Hoogland Rock

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Photo: The Hoogland Dollar

All Photographs taken by JeromeProphet.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, money has possibly gotten the best of the Hoogland family. They have come to treat others as lesser people and show disrespect to common citizens - the ones who they expect to shop in their stores. Charlie is getting old and maybe age is playing a factor, but his son, Eric, should know better, and his attitude towards others is pure disrespect. I will never patronize a Family Video store, purely because I can't stand to support someone who feels money allows them to be superior to others.

B.C. said...

In response to the post by "anonymous" dated 1/5/2010: I cannot speak for Eric, as I don't know him, but I have worked for Charlie and Kathleen (not in one of their stores, but in their home) for almost 3 years now and you couldn't ask for nicer, more down-to-earth people. They are in no way disrespectful or condescending towards others. I have never been treated unfairly, or as a "lesser person" as you claim. They are both dear, sweet people, quite the opposite of how you'd like to portray them.

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