Sunday, October 16, 2005

Floyd's Thirsty Reaper Makes Sport of Sammy's

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Photo: Floyd's Thirst Parlor's Grim Reaper Peers At Sammy's Sports Bar

Floyd's Thirst Parlor, located at 210 S. Fifth street in downtown Springfield, Illinois is definately in the Halloween spirit. Floyd's Thirst Parlor has a very spookey looking set of window displays which I immediately knew deserved a blog post.

About the Photograph: Floyd's Thirst Parlor's Grim Reaper peers out longingly across the street at patrons of Sammy's Sports Bar and Grill (217 S. Fifth). I don't know which is worse knowing that Sammy's is due a visit from Mr. Reaper, or knowing that Mr. Reaper has taken up residence in Floyd's?

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Photo: Floyd's Thirst Parlor Vampire Bat Ominously Seeking Next Victim

O.K., Floyd's Thirst Parlor also has on display a funky looking vampire bat, which although not really scary, unless you're six years old, looks rather cool. It might make a nice pet, but we already have cats. Despite the greatly increased chance of becoming a creature of the night as a result of frequenting Floyd's Thirst Parlor, or falling dead at Sammy's Sports Bar and Grill I hear the food is always good, and the beer cold.


La Lubu said...

Cool Grim Reaper! That's what my daughter wants to be for Halloween.

Quen said...

Whatever happened to the plain old boring Halloween decor. You know, the not so frightful skeleton, plastic spiders and carved pumpkins.

MsHep said...

LMAO - it goes along with the "Vampire Kiss" drink that they have.

Coca-cola, black cherry vodka & grenadine. Tasty.

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