Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pam Miller @ Hoogland Art's Center

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Painting (edited): Pam Miller's Pop Goes the Summer

Description by Artist: In Springfield, a short jaunt off Route 66 could be to the Lake Press Club. There kids often spent a summer day in their favorite swim suit (not a name brand) and drank pop from a bottle (not a can) and made their own fun (without electronics).

About the Photograph: Photograph taken at the Hoogland Center for the Arts located in downtown Springfield, Illinois. I had to make a judgement call in terms of altering the hue of the photograph to compensate for indoor lighting effects. Also I cropped the painting to fit on this blog. The painting is much more beautiful in the gallery, so go and visit if you can. This painting is still available for purchase as of this posting!

I have several more photographs of paintings, by a variety of artist which I'll post in the coming days.

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