Monday, October 03, 2005

Richard Kohlrus's Del's Mural II

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Photo: Richard Kohlrus Paints Mural With Little Girl In Pink

Actually, I'm posting this photo because I like the image of the mother, and little daughter both wearing pink pants. I'm not sure if they had just departed Del's or not, but I can imagine the little girl must have looked up to see the man standing on the ladder painting the funny pictures on the Del's window.

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Photo: Left Half of South Mural at Del's Popcorn Shop

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Photo: Right Half of South Mural at Del's Popcorn Shop

An update on the Del's Popcorn Shop Route 66 Festival Mural. The Mural is sponsored by the Springfield Area Arts Council, and hosted by Del's Popcorn Shop in Springfield, Illinois.

The last two photos for this post were taken on the final day of the Route 66 Mother Road Festival - Sunday, October 2nd, 2005. Artist Richard Kohlrus had confessed earlier in the week that he was taking much longer than planned to finish the mural. Kohlrus wouldn't be the first artist to miss a deadline.

Once the mural is finished I'll post the results here.

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