Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Letter To A Weather Prophet

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Photo: Do Contrails Contribute to Global Dimming & Increased Rainfall?


Your site is filled with many wonderful photographs, and excellent speculation regarding the issue of the alleged existence of a weather modification program.

My own belief is that there is a significant, well advanced, and long standing weather modification program already employed over the continential United States.

In no way do I believe it has anything whatsoever to do with extra-terrestrials, or non-human technology. In fact I believe the whole subject of "alien technology" to be nothing more than disinformation.

I do not believe that every bit of weather is being modified around the globe. There doesn't need to be a vast global weather modification program in place to alter weather in a meaningful way. However I do believe that the modification of certain weather events is within our abilities - both technologically, and economically.

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Photo: Natural Phenomena or Evidence of Weather Mod?

Initiating a storm when one may not have started, intensifying a storm beyond what it might have been naturally, increasing the duration of a storm, all thus changing rainfall patterns over specific regions is well within our current technological ability. I'm not entirely certain as to the degree to which weather has been modified, but I feel it is more than what most people would believe possible, but less than what you have offered as currently possible.

Closely linked to any weather modification program may be other aspects, and issues related to the development of technologies, and the refinement of applications of those technologies which would necessarily need to remain secret.

The development of such a platform of technologies might necessarily foster important military, political, economic, and even diplomatic implications.

Due to the importance of these related concerns a government investing in such a platform would perceive the disclosure of any such program to be undesirable.

It is highly doubtful that the intelligence communities of the more developed military, and economic powers wouldn't already possess confirmatory evidence of the existence of said program.

The continued official silence which exist among all quarters despite the adversarial nature of relations between these powers is telling of the importance which is placed upon such a program.

Therefore open public disclosure should not be expected.

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Photo: Are Fuel Additives Doping Our Atmosphere?

Even admission on a small scale to the existence of any particular feature of such a platform would open the entire program to further inspection. Eventually, questions of liability would arise, which could result in legal, political, and diplomatic ramifications. These concerns wouldn't even begin to address the wisdom of foresaking a military-intelligence tool of such importance.

There simply can be no reasonable expectation that any rationally based government would ever officially admit to the existence of such a program. Not in the age of nations.

While your website offers a significant number of starting points for inquiry, those living at the time of this posting may not be long lived enough to see the day in which those speculations are confirmed or denied in any official manner. We can always speculate!

I'm posting this email to my blogsite which can be found at www.jeromeprophet.blogspot.com

Best of Luck on Your Most Excellent Site!

PhotoSource: Downloaded From Weather Wars Info.

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