Monday, December 19, 2005

The Kale Snow Riders!

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Kale Snow Riders Race Down The Mountainside.

The furious winds dove down the mountainside carrying with them the snow riders. As torrential as the winds the kale snow riders raced across the frozen glacier not stopping or slowing until they reached the frozen bay.

A whaling ship had just arrived at the small whaling village of Ludac. The snow riders waited until nightfall before they entered for they had business to do with the Captain of the Franz Gelling, but wanted nothing of men.

O.K. I'll stop there. We'll just assume an exciting adventure takes place which involves the Kale snow riders, and the captain of the Ludac.

The image above is some digital art I created based upon a photograph I took Monday. It's a field of frozen kale in a field of snow. I kind of thought the kale looked like a group of nomadic tribesmen on horseback. This tribe survives on the very edge of what is survivable. They cover themselves, and their horses in furs to keep from freezing to death - hunting Bear, and Seals.

This post is dedicated to The Kale Snow Riders!
May you ride on - you group of intrepid vegetables!

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