Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter of Old

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Photo: Horace Mann Plaza Pond - Springfield, IL - Winter 2005

It has been very cold these last few days in Springfield, Illinois. Good sleeping weather. I am convinced that there must be a type of hibernation instinct in people - we gain weight, and sleep a lot. This winter has really shown itself to be a "classic" winter. For many years winter in Central Illinois has been so temperate that children have grown up not knowing what a snow shovel looks like.

The shift appears to have taken place a few years ago, and Springfield has been getting snow that sticks around for more than a day. This is very much the type of weather I grew up with here in Springfield.

I've always believed that winter serves a cleansing purpose. It kills off, and culls many microbes, and fungus. It acts as a type of reaper to weak animals, and people. Most unkind winter can be, but it can also be very beautiful. The photograph above was taken at Horace Mann Plaza.

Few people were walking today. I bundled up, and braved the single digit temperatures for my lunch time photo gathering.

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