Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ALPLM Union Station Renovation North Face

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Photo: Buzz Of Activity On The North Side Of Union Station - ALPLM - Springfield, IL

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Photo: Roofers Apply Masonry Tiles to North East Side of ALPLM Union Station

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Photo: ALPLM Springfield, Illinois January 30th 2006 Union Station Renovation

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Photo: ALPLM - Engineers and Cement Workers on Scaffolding Pour Concrete Into Cast

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Photo: Crew Pour Concrete Into Four Cylindrical Cast Along Madison Street. Springfield IL

The photographs above are just four photographs which I took recently from the ALPLM Garage. From across the street one can get a very good view of the buzz of activity on the north face of Union Station which is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. Union Station is part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum located in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

I've been extremely impressed with the non-stop pace of activity on the Union Station Renovation, and Union Station Square Project. There have been very few days in which there hasn't been some type of progress on the project. Even on days when it was bitterly cold I have seen construction continue.

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