Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Letter to Dick Durbin - Save NASA as we knew it!

I sent the following email to Senator Dick Durbin:

Dear Senator,

A recent series of articles appearing in the New York Times revealed that the Bush administration is attempting to squelch free speech, and scientific discourse at NASA and NOAA.

It has been reported that when a "climate scientist" is asked for information about global warming at either of these agencies these scientist must obtain permission to talk with members of the press, must have PIOs present, or on the phone with them during interviews.

The scientist must provide their lecture schedules in advance to the PIOs.

This is without a doubt a scene out of Orwell's 1984!

These are scientist for goodness sake!

We pay these scientist a salary, expect them to be open, and honest with us. We want them to keep us informed - without having to fear for their jobs because of political pressures.

Now we have political officers (PIOs) being employed as censors, and being used to intimidate these climate scientist.

I have no trouble using analogies, and I will - it reminds me of the Soviet Union. Yes, the Soviet Union!

Senator, I've voted for you in every election in which I could, and I believe you are a man of honor, and a person who cares about this nation's future, and the fate of our planet Earth.

I'm no tree hugger, I'm just a working stiff, and a proud Democrat!

I must tell you that it seems as if the Bush administration is bent on the destruction of the nation I remember growing up in.

Please see what you can do about helping prevent the intimidation of scientist at NASA, NOAA, EPA, by executive branch operatives.

Sincerely, and Respectfully,

JeromeProphet - though I didn't sign it JeromeProphet.

I sure hope I get a response, as I'll post it here on this blog.
I let the Senator know that I was posting a copy of this letter to the blog.

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