Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hunting Deer @ Govs. Mansion

Having just read an autobiography titled, Sketches of Early Life, and Times - Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois written by one of Springfield, Illinois' founding father's Elijah Iles. I found several passages memorable - one of which I wanted to share.

Iles mentioned that a grove exusted where the Illinois Governor's Mansion is now located, and that it was a great place to hunt deer. Kind of amazing to consider how much Springfield life has changed since the early 1800's!

Iles was a state repesentative when his district (I believe there was only one, or two) extended all the way north of what later became Chicago. He led a squad of volunteers, including Private A. Lincoln during the Black Hawk War.

Excellent book. To obtain it visit the Iles house, and make a donation!

Try tapping on the New Springfield bloglink for some excellent Springfield history.

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