Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Sun Day

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Image:Christmas Tree Sunset Jerome Illinois 01.08.06

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Image: Christmas Tree & Sunset Jerome Illinois 01.08.06

Today was an incredible day for Central Illinois - weatherwise that is. I hadn't been feeling well this weekend (see previous posting), and slept most of Saturday. This led me to an early rise on Sunday morning. In fact I was up before dawn, and stayed up with just a few naps the entire day. It was in fact a long, productive day.

Productive for a Sunday meant visiting the doctor's office, and then the pharmacy. Stopping by Macdonald's with my spouse. Taking a drive on the west side of town with no particular place in mind - with the window rolled down!

Going to the grocery store to pick up a few items. And reading a good book while sitting outside on a lounge chair!

Not to mention football playoffs!

One would think this day was an ordinary day if I was living in Arizona this time of year, but this is Central Illinois, and it is only January 8th!

The weather gods conspired to make this a rare treat, and many automobiles were out on the road today - I suspect with people getting out just for the sake of enjoying this rare good weather day.

As the sun started going down, I wanted a reminder of this day. I have other photos from today, but I thought I'd post just two. We go a little overboard in the Christmas tree department - having three trees. I know some people have more, but we tend to toss our living tree out after New Years, but we keep our artificial trees up longer than most people - so as to help defeat the utter gloom of January.

Today's Winter sunset was spectacular, and I took these shots from inside our home. Another sad beauty which portrays the passing of time. Yes, every moment is fleeting, and you can't get it back - ever, so enjoy it, because you never know which may be your last.

Celebrating life seems to come easy on days like today. In summer a day like today would have been considered a cold, and horrible day - but to get into the sixties temperature-wise for this time of year, and in this part of the United States is certainly something to celebrate - especially with a much blue sky, and strangely "summerish" looking clouds floating above.

Ahhh.., just four more months until the weather starts to look like this everyday.

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