Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Kitty is Sick

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Photo: Priskers Under The Weather

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Photo: Priskers Under The Covers

Priskers, our tabby has come down with a virus. It most certainly is an awful feeling when one of your children are sick, and now for the very first time I have experienced a quite similar feeling with my cat Priskers.

Cats can be quite affectionate, but they also are well known for their independence. Some might call them aloof. Yet little miss Priskers has acted in exactly the same way a child does when they don't feel good.

She has chosen to hang out under some covers with me all day. She usually doesn't like having covers on her, but seems to like the extra warmth. As it is my day off, and I'm pretty much doing nothing all day Priskers has been my constant companion.

We have four cats, and Upper Respiratory Infections in cats are usually quite contagious to other cats.

I'm still wondering why Priskers came down sick? Stress plays an import role in illness in cats, and right now Priskers needs a quiet place to recover.

I've included two photographs of Priskers - her first ever on this Blog. As you can probably tell, she's just wanting a chance to sleep.

In case your wondering she has an appointment with the vet, and I have her on Claritin, and a decongestant.


Marie said...

What a sweet kitty. I hope Priskers feels better real soon.

JeromeProphet said...

She is my favorite - the girls like Koshi the best.

She has been following me everywhere since she's been sick. If I go into one room she follows me. If I go to another room she follows me there.

Yesterday, while I laying down on the floor while watching the playoff games, she climbed on my chest, and curled up in a ball, and just purred herself to sleep.

She's just a darned good cat.


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