Saturday, January 14, 2006

To El Presidente's Credit

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I was reading a NYTimes article on Thursday about the how the size of yachts have grown so large that they are now called super yachts. These mega sized yachts have grown so large that in many cases they can't even find ports which can accomodate them. Imagine that!

In some cases after laying out two hundred million dollars for a super yacht the proud skipper then finds that he can't sail his noble ship into waters simply because the ship will run aground - his hull is too deep!

Coming to the rescue are newer ship building methods which rely upon designing these super yachts to meet the needs of the individual skipper. If the proud captain intends to sail to Island locations with shallow waters hulls can be designed that are wider, rather than deeper.

This new technological advance in super yacht design is really a credit to the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of the mega-wealthy.

So I must ask, why do some people still refuse see the good that this Congress, and the El Presidente has done in passing tax reforms which have obviously helped to solve this pressing issue?

Why is it that these types continually harp on El Presidente's every flaw, but fail to see the good that he, and his congress have done?

You just can't please some folk!


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