Saturday, January 21, 2006

To Blog Post 200 & Beyond!

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Image: CIPS Building - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

Everyone sells their soul in one way or another. For some it is a trade of doing what they know is right for riches, for most it's a trade of pride, and dignity for sheer survival.

We've all kept the smile on the face long after we knew it should have faded, or should never have been there at all. At least half of those happily married can't be all that happy after all, and a good portion of us would leave their jobs at the drop of a hat - if they could.

As the moments pass, and life is squandered in quiet desperation we hear the modern oracles whispering of great times to come if we only keep quiet, if we just settle until everything is alright - until everything works itself out.

One day we'll have that perfect spouse, that perfect house, that perfect car, that perfect job, and that perfect life. One day, we are told, we'll all fly to nirvana in the first class section, soaring never ending towards a golden warm rising sun.

Perhaps it will be with Jesus, perhaps with Allah, or Buddah along for the ride, but we are promised that we'll reach that place - if we're good, docile, and compliant.

We bide our time.

We grow old.

We die.

We get our pictures in the obits.

We get processed.

We are forgotten.

We turn to dust.

The 200th post is over turn out the lights.

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