Sunday, January 22, 2006

The WeatherProphet Has Arrived!

I've decided to create another blog just for post focusing on the covert weather modification program. Crazy? Or Crazy as a fox? As I slowly introduce a variety of topics related to this conspiracy theory (or is it an urban myth) I'll let you decide for yourselves.

I'll be using as a means of consolidating all of my prior, and future post on this controversial subject. This will make it much easier to gain an overall view of my ideas on the subject - and monitor my current level of madness all in one stop. Look for the link along the left hand side of this page.

I've also corrected a link in my Illinois Blogroll which I discovered wasn't working anymore. The Springfield Rewind link now works! And what an incredible site it is! Everytime I visit I step away feeling like a time traveler - a very nifty experience, and it's free!

I've added a link to Photos-Etc, a buddy of mine started his own blog after seeing mine - I'll have to get on him about not posting for a month now, and for not allowing anonymous comments! Randy, way to go! But we need more content soon.

I'll also be rolling out another blog in the coming weeks dedicated to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum - that blog too will mainly act as a collection point for post which I have already, and will one day post on that subject here at!

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Randy said...

Sorry, I was on Vacation. I am ready to blog like no one has blogged before.

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