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Sex, Religion and Human Survival

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In the moments leading up to, during, and after orgasm the intense pleasure produced, coupled with the focus of the lover upon the object of his or her affection acts to create, and reinforce, a significantly important, and long enduring, hardwired-neural connection between pleasure, and further perceptions, and recollections, of the object of affection.

A very long sentence indeed.

The reward for sexual activity is found in its immediate pleasure, but the bond that is created, and sustained between the object of affection, and the lover serves to reinforce "the coupling" at a very primal hardwired level.

Keeping mates together long enough to successfully raise children is obviously tanamount to all other evolutionary purposes behind orgasm, and the powerful bonding it creates.

The sublimation, and generalization of sexual bonding at a subconcious level is also an important mechanism which has allowed human beings to survive, and thrive.

Some see sublimation, and generalization of the sexual bonding process as the foundation of civilization itself - Freud did, and I agree with that assessment.

Human evolution conservatively utilized existing physiological mechanisms including pleasure centers withing the brain. Thus orgasm was annexed in pursuit of human survival.

What lover has failed to experience sexual tension so great as not to utter, "I love you more than anyone, more than life itself", or "You are everything to me, etc.,"?

Society has codified these orgasmic phrases into marriage vows lest anyone forget their obligations during life's less exciting moments.


Let us look now at religion, and worship - and its relationship to sex, and sexual bonding.

In monotheistic religions we may "worship" (bond) one god. We adore, and worship that god above all else - loving that god more than life itself.

In spiritual moments of rapture we feel elated, more connected to the moment, and to our relationship with god. We feel more focused, more in tune to the beauty, and meaning of our existence.

In love making we feel more focused upon our loved one, more aware of their beauty, more connected to the moment (especially at orgasm), more aware of our relationship's meaning, and purpose than in other moments (or so it seems at the time).

One can see similar patterns in sporting events. The rise of tension, the rhythmic chanting, the elevated focus, the triumphant scoring, the elation. The release of tension. The bonding. The territoriality, the possession.

The underlying neurochemistry, and physiological processes of pleasure, and bonding - whether eating a favorite food, having sex, running a touchdown, or in finding god, depend upon the same pleasure centers in the brain.

Violence too can be a form of behavior linked to sexual release. We see it in the rapist, but we also see it in other forms of dominance behavior. We see acts of violence in many forms, but individuals raised within most societies have learned to associate guilt with violence - except in self defense, and war.

Therefore pleasure in violence is sublimated into sports, economic competition, consumerism, and less socially acceptible forms (e.g., sexual perversion, terrorism, and arson).

The orgiastic rampage seen recently in Islamic nations protesting cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammed illustrates the power of the sexual sublimation process - and how in more sexually repressive societies sexual urges find release not just in the domination of women, but also in the diversion of sexual energies into religious worship.

As human beings attempt to survive in a future which promises an ever increasing level of nuclear proliferation the threat of religious zealotry to the survival of mankind will become ever more apparent.

In the West individuals spread their worship to their lovers, material goods, political ideology, pets, family, music, art, actors, themselves, and god.

This diversion of sexual energies, while roundly criticized by religionist, has acted in a manner to allow human beings to develop individually, and socially.

Although the freedom to express sublimated sexual energy into the various forms taken in the West entails risk of social breakdown which religion acts to prevent, it has also spurred economic, scientific, and cultural evolution to great heights.

In poorer-less-democratic anti-western nations, religion not only acts as the opiate of the masses, but a whirlpool into which worship spirals, and festers. Religion not only stabilizes these societies, but it also has turned them into dangerous powderkegs of concentrated sexual rage.

The anger, and hatred of hundreds of millions of Islamist for the West is not only based in fear and ignorance, it is intrinsic to the very nature of human beings.

Jealous of the West' enormous social, and economic development, but too frightend to allow themselves the freedom to grow they thrash out in an attempt to bring everyone down to their own level. A simple basic territorial response, but one that is more self destructive, than constructive.

Whether in the name of communism, or anti-westernism, the same pattern repeats itself again, and with ultimately the same result - the collapse of those societies denying basic human nature.

As the world's reserves of oil become depleted, the West will utilize its enormous resources, and freedoms to change, and adapt to the changing situation.

Repressive, anti-western societies depleted of their only form of barter (oil) will descend into chaos, and self destruction - made all the worse by their overpopulation (caused by opposition to birth control), and their subjugation of women.

This will happen within fifty years.

Human Survival

Simply stated, Sexual Oppression Leads To Aggression - not just in Islamic nations, but in all societies.

The more sexually oppressive a society, the more likely that society is male dominated, and warlike.

Sexual repression stems from high levels of adherence to authoritarian male created religions. While adherence to rules of conduct espoused by religions has allowed for the creation, and stabilization of societies it is the inability of religions to adapt that raises questions.

The disparity of power of the male over the female is based in the desire of the male to achieve orgasm, and to possess and control the means of achieving further orgasms.

The male possessing greater upper body strength is able to physically dominate females, and has used this advantage to do so for millenia.

This disparity of physical power of males over females has been institutionalized within male created religious doctrine, and subsequent legal codifications created by males, and for male advantage - thus keeping females in the role of living property.

In the West, within just the last century females have slowly begun to take their place as equals (legally, but not economically) despite religionist objections.

Yet in most non-western societies (e.g., Islamic, et. al.) females are maintained as second class citizens.

It is my belief that only through the creation of societies based upon equality, democratic rule, and tolerance of diversity will humans have a chance to survive an increasingly dangerous future.

The beast must be tamed, but through civil institutions - not caged in religious guilt, doubt, and fear.

Violence, the politics of violence, high degrees of religiousity, authoritarianism, nationalism, and militarism are all closely linked to the baser instinct of territoriality and pursuit of dominance.

Societies which are based upon slavery of any kind are dangerous not only to themselves, but also to the fate of humankind as well.

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