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Stealth SuperStrobe Delivery

Covert Horizon to Horizon SuperStrobe Aerial Photography

Stealth SuperStrobe Delivery is article #9 in the WeatherProphet series focusing on the development of a covert weather modification program. In article #8 Lightning Or SuperStrobe I introduced the idea that perhaps not every flash of light in the sky during a thunderstorm may in fact be a random natural event.

I briefly reviewed the deployment of SuperStrobes in Allied Aerial Reconnaissance Missions during World War II. Aircraft equiped with SuperStrobes, and cameras were used to illuminate, and photograph ground targets prior to (and after) bombing missions.

I also note the disappearance of SuperStrobes at the end of World War II as the victors of that war immediately descended into the Cold War.

I then asked whatever became of SuperStrobes? Did this device see no further development, or use? If SuperStrobes were further developed covertly during the Cold War how far were they advanced?

I also asked how any super brillant flash of light which is produced by a SuperStrobe could ever escape detection, and what role SuperStrobes could possibly play in the age of Lookdown Radar, and InfraRed CCD based imaging systems.

I suggested that SuperStrobe Flashes could be hidden in thuderstorms. That hiding such flashes in plain view would be possible during thunderstorms as average citizens would never expect that such flashes of light could be anything but natural, and random events.

Undetected @ 10,000 Feet Above AnyTown USA & Beyond

The central consideration of developing, and deploying a covert intelligence gathering system is the need to remain undetected. If an average aircraft takes to flight, whether it is flashing superbrilliant SuperStrobe flashes, or not, it most likely will be detected.

The chief means of detecting aircraft is radar. Most aircraft reflect radar waves which are transmitted from radar detection systems. Some aircraft have smaller signatures than others, but most aircraft are easy to detect. However as is now known there are means of defeating radar detection.

The two methods used (that we know about) either electronically fool radar systems by producing spurious radar signals which make the task of accurately pinpointing an aircraft's location difficult, or through the design of the aircraft. In the latter case radar waves are either absorbed into the airframe surface, or radar waves are reflected at angles which don't return back to the radar detection system. Both deflection, and absorption is utilized in the Stealth Fighter.

A covert deployment of SuperStrobe enhanced digital imaging collection would most certainly require the use of either, or both of the aforementioned radar evasion technologies.

The use of radar "jamming" in thuderstorms raises an interesting set of questions as to how valid civilian weather radar images are? Are radar signatures of thunderstorms deliberately intensified, or distorted by airborn radar jammers in an attempt to hide the residual radar signatures of covert intelligence gathering aircraft?

Weather Intensification* As Political Tool

The development of any technology, and methods of this sort would certainly find use in warfare, and not just in a covert role. Import questions must be asked about covert deployment however. In the past most people would simply step outside, and look up in the sky to help make important weather based decisons. Today most people make those decsions based upon media reports which are based upon information collected by the National Weather Service.

What If The National Weather Service's Doppler Radar System Is Being Fooled?

It is a well know fact that both the poor, and elderly tend to vote in a more liberal fashion than those with means, and younger voters. It is also true that the poor, and elderly have greater difficulty in reaching polling places, and tend to be effected the most by inclement weather.

We also know that conservatives tend to get a greater number of votes from those in the military, and those working in the military-indusrial-espionage complex. And so the question must be asked, if technology, and methods exist to intensify a weather pattern signature what would prevent such a covert deception from being employed during an election?

Who would protect any nation, including the people of the United States from this sinister manipulation? It would be interesting to do a statistical analysis of weather patterns for the last thirty years to see what effect weather has played upon elections - not just in the U.S., but in Europe, and South America as well.

In my next post, number ten in the WeatherProphet series on weather modification titled, Thunder or Jet Engines?, we'll examine means of detecting PhotoStrobe equiped stealth aircraft flying above thuderstorms even on the darkest of nights!

*Note: I will define "Weather Intensification" as either the actual triggering of a lighning-thunder complex, and its subsequent triggered precipitation event, and/or the manipulation of radar signatures by EMF jamming in an attempt to create radar signatures more closely associated to intense thunderstorm activity.

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