Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dopamine 6:23 A.M.

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Photo: Snow Upon Fence - Jerome, Illinois - 02.11.06

Dopamine 6:23 A.M.
by JeromeProphet

She is worn.
Her breath is shallow.
A life is torn.
As she walks the path.

She makes no sound.
And leaves no trail.
A life is bound.
As she feels the wrath.

She shares her visions.
To those who seek her.
A life's derision.
As she steps in strife.

She slashes arms.
For they made her.
A life is harmed.
As she sticks the knife.

Photo: A negative view, with hue alteration. Photograph was taken on the morning of February 11th, 2006 in Jerome, Illinois. It was snowing as I captured the image of a fence covered with snow. The dark translucent shadow in the upper left of the photo is a snowflake in descent.

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